The International TRIZ Conference ITC-2023 was held in Graz, Austria on August 30 – September 2, 2023. It was organized by Graz Univeristy of Technology and MATRIZ Official. The event went in a hybrid (in-person and online) format.

The conference started with welcoming words of Dr. Oleg Feygenson, TRIZ Master and president of MATRIZ Official, Prof. Stefan Vorbach and Jürgen Jantschgi from Graz Univeristy of Technology.

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Summarizing, the conference presented the following:

  • 3 Tutorials
  • 1 problem solving session.
  • 4 keynote talks
  • 33 paper presentation.

In total, the conference gathered slightly more than 40 in-person and 60 online participants. After the pandemic, the format of international events changed: many participants from remote locations prefer online engagement with event activities. At ITC 2023, 16 conference talks were presented at the podium while 21 presentations were made online.

The first day featured three tutorials, by Dr. Simon Litvin, Simon Dewulf, and Barbara Gronauer. Afterwards, the “Solving on a Spot” session took place: a real-life actual problem was brought by a company NIDEC Global Appliance Austria GmbH. During three hours all the participants were trying to solve it by following a TRIZ problem solving process under supervision of TRIZ Master Alex Lyubomirsky. It was the first experience with such event, and the results were quite encouraging.

At the conference, four keynote talks were presented:

  • Fostering creativity in entrepreneurship education – challenges and success stories” by Stefan Vorbach, Technical University of Graz, discussed general and practical aspects of training entrepreneurs at high school.
  • The use of TRIZ in and innovation and collective intelligence approach” by Cécile Amar, Renault Group, presented practices of using TRIZ at Renault Group.
  • The benefits of adopting a TRIZ Mindset in the era of data analysis and AI” by Simon de Wulf, Patent Inspiration, discussed state of the art and future of TRIZ and AI.
  • TRIZ in digital transformation projects: real-world applications” by George Martsinovskii, EPAM Systems, focused on showing succesful cases of innovations using TRIZ at EPAM Systems.


At the next popular part of the conference, Dr. Simon Litvin, Dr. Robert Adunka, Mr. Jerzy Oboiski, and Dr. Oleg Feygenson took part in a hour-long Panel Discussion. The question of the discussion was: "Why successful TRIZ solution ideas fail to implement?" The discussion went very actively, some interesting insights were gained. The discussion was managed by Valeri Souchkov. The video recording of the panel discussion is available:

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The conference program and all names of the speakers and co-authors with titles of their presentations are available here.

And as a part of the conference agenda, a special section “TRIZ for Education” consisting of six presentations was organized by Olga Krasheninnikova.

Durig the final day, a session of TRIZ Master Certification Committee took place. Regretfully, no TRIZ Master title was awarded this year.

During evening hours, the participants enjoyed activities including cocktail party, a city tour, and a conference dinner.


A book of proceedings of the conference will be available in November, 2023. The book will have ISSN and ISBN numbers and made available publicly.

Video recordings of the conference presentations are available to the conference participants.

Images from the conference are available in a photo gallery .

The next edition of the conference ITC 2024 will be held in October 2024 in Dubai, UAE. The exact dates and Call for Papers will be announced soon.

In addition, the Summit of The International TRIZ Comminity will be held in China in 2024. Location and dates will be announced later.