ITC 2023 Abstracts Received

1 A MATRIZ Official Member introduces itself: European TRIZ Campus e.V.  Barbara Gronauer, Robert Adunka, Oliver Gerundt, Bernd Haussmann, Oliver Mayer, Horst Nähler, Jochen Orso Germany
2 Aquaculture TRIZ Salazar Kristian, Hernández J. Luis, Santana Talía, Cruz Ana Lilia, Meraz Andres Mexico
3 Attribute in TRIZ Li Haijun China
4 Benefits of the TRIZ approach for reliable, accurate and fast interdisciplinary simulations of multi-body systems of creations František Palčák Slovakia
5 Business Orchestration Strategy for Sustainable Development of Enterprises based on S-curve Zhang Jing, Zhang Xiangmin China
6 Cause-and-effect chain analysis - the essence of understanding where the problem occurs. Case study. Jerzy Obojski  Poland
7 Combination of TRIZ tool and Quality management tool: Fishbone Diagram Variant Xinming Lu  China
8 Considering information as a legitimate component in Function Analysis  Oleg Feygenson, Naum Feygenson South Korea / Israel
9 Demand - Trend Matrix: Quick Roadmapping Future Innovations Valeri Souchkov Netherlands
10 Developing Sustainability Assessment Methods for TRIZ Modelling Tools based on Circularity and SDGs Horst Nähler, Barbara Gronauer, Karl Koltze, Bruno Scherb Germany
11 Dynamic Value Stream Analysis  Pavel Azaletskiy, Vladimir Petrov USA / Israel
12 How to spread the word about TRIZ in (rural) Africa? – Content-based and methodological starting points explained with the “40 Principles of Inventive Problem Solving” Raphaela Leonhard-Pfleger, Yunas Song Germany
13 Imperceptible detection of fluorescence – towards a proof-of-concept prototype Jerzy Chrząszcz Poland
14 Innovative design of heat pump air conditioning based on TRIZ Xiaofan Su, Jiao Chen , Tianyang Yu , Changsheng Bai, Yamin Zheng China
15 Patent portfolio planning on dispersion compensating micro-structured fiber by Trends of Technical Systems Evolution  Wang Wei, Li Zhuo-Lin, Yang Dong-Lan China
16 Pioneering Borneo TRIZ and further proliferate knowledge with remote locations Narayanan Kulathuramaiyer, Tan Eng Hoo, Awangku Merali Pengiran Mohamed Malaysia
17 Problem Solving Approach by two aspects of Function Yong Won Song, Sung Ho Song China
18 Resolving contradictions between functionality and usability in technical systems  Hemant Pardikar India
19 Resource Analysis for hidden threats identification  Kirill Domkin Russia
20 Solving TRIZ Problems With TRIZ Malgorzata Przymusiala Poland
21 The Impact of Social Media Marketing on Small Business Success: A Case Study Analysis Suba Sowandariya S India
22 The integration of TRIZ methodology and optical analysis methods on the structural innovation of dispersion compensating micro-structured fiber Wang Wei, Zhang Yi-Fan, Yang Dong-Lan China
23 The Systematic Presentation of TRIZ-Ideas  Petr Shimukovich Russia
24 TRIZ and Practical AI  Boris Zlotin and Alla Zusman USA
25 TRIZ-based model of person`s mindset Pavel Azaletskiy, Olga Eckardt, Andrei Kuryan, Vladimir Petrov USA / Germany / Poland / Israel
26 TRIZ: A Case Study in Applying Industry 4.0 Concepts for Increased Efficiency and Productivity in Soft Drink Manufacturing Santana Talía, Salazar Kristian, Cruz Ana Lilia, Meraz Andres, Langevin Richard Mexico / USA
27 TRIZ-Based Software as a Front-End to AI Chatbots Boris Zlotin and Alla Zusman USA
28 Using Sustainability modelling with TRIZ in product development projects to embed sustainable goals Oliver Mayer, Uwe Schaumann  Germany
29 Mindful TRIZ Darrell Mann, Victoria Zinner UK / Austria
30 Integration of TRIZ with other process, design, and innovation management Suraj James, Ramesh Karnati, Shivani Dave, Adhitya Joshi, Anil Tummidi, Varun Srinivasa India
31 Function-Oriented Search in biological Nature Stéphane Savelli, Oleg Abramov Belgium / Russia
32 Who Needs TRIZ Consultants: A Case Study Oleg Abramov, Natalia Tomashevskaya, Alexander Medvedev, Konstantin Rumiantsev Russia

Categories of a function insufficient or excessive performance

Stéphane Savelli, Oleg Abramov Belgium / Russia
34 Creating a Learning Pull. Application of TRIZ for Business Problems Prashant Y. Joglekar India
35 TRIZ & Fuel Saving Winglets. Case Study Showing Application of TRIZ to Overcome Wingtip Vortex. Prashant Y. Joglekar India
36 TRIZ Trend of Completeness vs Lean Jidoka process - A TRIZ  perspective Rajesh Menon India
37 TRIZ application to complex problem solving - Case Study Santosh Khadasare India
38 Leveraging ChatGPT as a Resource for Information Retrieval in TRIZ Problem Solving and Idea Generation Tanasak Pheunghua Thailand
39 TRIZ Philosophical Foundation for Enhancing TRIZ Understanding Problem tools Ahmed Ouezgan Morocco
40 TRIZ Approach to Innovation Portfolio Analysis Simon S. Litvin USA