Description of Certification Program

Description of Certification Program
TRIZ Specialist in Education - Level 1
Development of Critical and Innovative Thinking with TRIZ


The MATRIZ Official Certification Program for Level 1 TRIZ Specialist in Education is designed to equip educators and parents with the knowledge and tools needed to foster creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving skills in young learners through the systematic use of TRIZ tools.

This marks the inaugural certification program for specialists involved in education within the MATRIZ Official certification framework, which has hitherto been exclusively tailored for technical specialists.

Program Overview

Teaching TRIZ to young learners implies solid knowledge of TRIZ tools, the ability to apply them as well as teaching competences. Hence the program consists of two competence levels: studying TRIZ tools and teaching TRIZ tools. Studying TRIZ is based on GEN TRIZ - modern TRIZ for systematic innovation. The teaching TRIZ part offers special trainings on developing TRIZ-based tasks, games and exercises adapted to the children’s age and learning needs.

Key Competencies

Level 1 Specialists in Education will be able to 

• understand and apply the core TRIZ notions and tools required for Level 1 TRIZ Certification by MATRIZ Official
• integrate TRIZ tools into their teaching or parenting practices
• develop TRIZ-based lessons and activities tailored to young learners' needs
• facilitate problem-solving activities for children with adequate support and scaffolding
• provide formative assessment on young learners’ TRIZ skills

Program Structure 

• The program consists of 11 modules that can be studied individually or as a comprehensive course
• Students can receive certificates of attendance for each module by passing the associated test task
• To obtain the Level 1 TRIZ Specialist in Education certificate, a student must complete all 11 modules and pass the final task

This comprehensive program offers educators and parents the knowledge and skills needed to effectively introduce TRIZ tools to young learners. TRIZ is a methodology known for its problem-solving and innovation capabilities, making it a valuable resource for fostering creativity and critical thinking in children. The modular structure of the program allows participants to customize their learning experience, and the certification process ensures that they meet the necessary requirements to become Level 1 TRIZ Specialists in Education.

See appendix for the detailed program.