International TRIZ Conference ITC 2024

ITC 2024


Overview & about the International TRIZ Conference ITC-2024

Building on the success of ITC-2023 in Graz, Austria, MATRIZ Official will host the International TRIZ Conference ITC-2024 in Dubai, UAE for four days on 14-17 October 2024. This event places unprecedented emphasis on engaging new TRIZ practitioners, setting it apart from all previous conferences.

Objective and highlights of ITC-2024

The primary goal of ITC-2024 is to catalyze the TRIZ journey for a broad range of participants, demonstrating TRIZ's formidable ability to tackle challenging issues across various sectors, including industry, service domains, and academia.

Preceding the main event in Dubai, an exclusive MATRIZ Official Level 1 online course will be available five weeks in advance for those new to TRIZ or seeking certification, taught by esteemed TRIZ Masters. This preparatory course is a benefit for those registered for the entire conference.

During the inaugural day of the on-site event, participants will engage in two comprehensive tutorials.

On the following two days, industry leaders from across the globe will present case studies, illustrating the efficacy of TRIZ in overcoming complex challenges.

The fourth day will culminate in an innovative five-hour and a half 'miniTRIZathon,' where teams, mentored by expert TRIZ facilitators and an AI system, will compete to devise solutions for a real-world industrial challenge presented by a partnering company.

TRIZ Methodology Forum (TMF-2024)

Alongside the ITC conference, MATRIZ Official announced the inaugural TRIZ Methodology Forum (TMF) in 2024, focusing exclusively on the advancement of TRIZ methodology. This forum will take place online, spanning three consecutive days, with four hours of content each day. Days one and two are set to feature a series of presentations on the progress of TRIZ methodology. On the final day, those vying for the title of TRIZ Master will present their theses, showcasing either their innovative contributions to the TRIZ methodology, their notable accomplishments in applying TRIZ to real-world problem-solving, or their significant achievements in the field of TRIZ education.

Why to attend ITC-2024

ITC-2024 caters especially to individuals who are either completely new or relatively new to TRIZ, providing them with the chance to earn a MATRIZ Official Level 1 certification. This can mark the beginning of their TRIZ journey, potentially transforming their career. Attendees will gain insights into diverse TRIZ success stories.

For presenters, ITC-2024 offers a platform to highlight their TRIZ achievements.

For all participants, it’s an unparalleled opportunity to network, exchange ideas, and cultivate potential partnerships.

Benefits, learnings and key take-aways of ITC-2024

Attendees, whether they are novices or somewhat familiar with TRIZ, will master fundamental TRIZ techniques applicable to their professional roles. They will emerge with a solid grasp of TRIZ's effectiveness and versatility. Additionally, they will explore the latest and most impactful TRIZ applications, learning from case studies of leading global companies.

Industries who should attend ITC-2024

ITC-2024 offers valuable insights for a wide array of industries seeking to harness the power of TRIZ for innovation and problem-solving. Representatives from sectors such as oil, gas, energy, automotive, aerospace, FMCG, consumer electronics, business services, IT, telecommunications, healthcare, AI & ML, and IoT will find the conference particularly beneficial.

About MATRIZ Official

Founded in September 2022, MATRIZ Official leads the global dissemination of TRIZ, aiming to benefit humanity and advance the methodology. Additionally, we are committed to ongoing innovation, particularly focusing on newcomers to TRIZ and those, including children, seeking to enhance their TRIZ skills.